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alwyas pay the price for your dreams

do the thing you need to do when it needs to be done, but don't stop dreaming of what you really want.

keep talking to the universe, and it will respond.

i got offered two jobs, one people a and one with people b. i kept saying, i really want to work with people a, but i want to bartend; i don't want to serve. i can't take a step back. i need to keep progressing. people a offered me a serving gig. people b offered me a bartending gig. but maybe on the assumption that i pass their stage and make a good impression. hard to tell. then things in the universe shuffled, and i got offered the bartending gig with people a.

back story: while waiting to interview with people a, i started rereading the alchemist. i felt like i was flailing a bit and confused about the direction i should be taking. so i wanted to re-inspire myself. you know how it starts with a shepherd in the south of spain. and you know the part where the king gives him stones representing urim and thummim. that's the part i was reading while waiting to be interviewed.

another coelho line that kept running through my mind: "life has many ways of testing a person's will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once."

anyway, i had a lot of back and forth deciding on what to do (before the universe rearranged itself). i spent a lot of time telling people around me and the air in general how much i wanted to bartend. and how much i admire people a. then after the universe shuffled, i tried asking the magic 8 ball in the kitchen, and it gave me conflicting answers. clearly, my version of urim and thummim wasn't going to make the decision for me. the stones just fell out of my pocket, so to speak. in the end, i said fuck it. i'm going with the people (a) i feel good about even though it's going to be awkward with people b.

then i find out that people a are super duper excited about a product specific to the south of spain. andalusia. i'm taking that as a sign i made the correct decision. you're supposed to watch for omens, right?

it goes on and on and on and on

another year, another bunch of stuff that remained the same. and apparently a bunch of regressing.Collapse )

less than a year to get shit done

i just realized that my 101 in 1001 ends in (now) a little less than a year. 10/4/14 to be exact. i have not been able to accomplish quite a few of the goals, unfortunately. technically there are about 30 goals that required a weekly/monthly/once a year commitment that i was unable to keep. i thought that was going to be the case on some, but there are definitely ones that i didn't even remotely try to accomplish. like running weekly, riding my bike to work, sunday crosswords, cooking at home, taking baths, not drinking my face off, going to bed by 3am, calling family, sending birthday cards, blah blah blah. i don't need to name all of them because that would probably just be depressing. but now i have to decide if i want to make any effort at all to do them, or just suck it up and donate my time or money because i didn't even try. i think i'd like to reevaluate things and see if i can accomplish something more reasonable in the last year. so i'm going to say that if i can do the things for this last year that i wanted to do all along, i'm going to give myself at least partial credit. as such, i guess i AM going to list all the things, but at least it'll be behind this cutCollapse )

man alive, suck a llama's balls.....

contrary or perhaps aptly described by the title of this entry, shit's gonna get serious. i haven't really used this journal as an escape or for useful things in years; i also quit writing in my handwritten journal, which perhaps is the bigger problem. at any rate, it's been a long while since i just got shit out. so here it goes. i cried because:Collapse )

i'm sure there was a multitude of other things that made me cry, but that's a pretty good list. and i feel damn good for getting it out.

101 update edition 2013

welp, we're on to a new year and i have at least made some headway in reading books thanks to my kindle and borrowing books from the bpl. so that is exciting. but i need to focus on getting more of them done, so here's some things to concentrate on:

-get bike fixed
-take car back in to fix exhaust
-read the books i currently have on my kindle
-register for kickball done, hopefully my finger holds up
-maybe sign up for tory row 5k f them
-get new sneakers
-dry clean coats and other stuff
-renew my damn passport
-send in insurance forms
-acupuncture (via groupon or community center)
-scope groupons for salon deals

that's probably a big enough list to start with. i'd be surprised if i get 2 or 3 things accomplished but it's worth a shot.

the road

squandered 3, only 4 left.

101 update

well january didn't go so well in terms of accomplishing anything. and february was even more abysmal. such is life. i have made some headway on the free rice grains and postcrossing, but that seems like about it. at least i am currently in fl for spring training. and went on date night for the month. so, at the risk of being super repetitive, here are the things i need to focus on:

-this month begins the months of facials (b)
-send out birthday card to ben before leaving fl(?) (a)
-get bike tuned/fixed asap! (b)
-pick up some tulips or daffodils (c)
-register for tory row 5k (b)
-renew my passport!!! (a)
-buy tickets to CA (a)
-send thank you note to fl family (a)
-determine new restaurant and date place for april (c)
-postcross for april (b)
-finish madame bovary (a)
-pay off cc's (a)
-send resume to earth watch (a)
-apply for insurance (a)
-taxes! (a)

in the grand scheme of things, it's not too much to accomplish. right?


I wanted to try to keep track of the wines I've been trying. So here goes:Collapse )

goals to concentrate on: january edition

-finishing what what color is your parachute and madame bovary knocks out two goals
-renew my passport
-free rice for the month
-make list of bars/restaurants to try
-possibly ice skate
-send jake bday card
-marzipan vet appointment

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