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I wanted to try to keep track of the wines I've been trying.

fat bastard pinot noir
gaba do xil godello (not so good)
9 walks sauv blanc (nz)(fabulous says boat engineer)
jed steele's shooting star zinfandel (great label, good enough wine)
clifford bay sauvignon blanc (nz) (great)
livingston chardonnay (good for liter bottle)
rex goliath chardonnay (better than reds)
chateau ste michelle dry riesling (decent)
domaine ste michel brut (ok, sweet)
whitehaven sauvignon blanc (nz) (good)
maryhill viognier (too sweet)
indaba merlot (meh)
skeleton blauer zweigelt (spicy/smoky need to be in the mood)
hunky dory sauvignon blanc (nz) (decent)
le drunk rooster pinot noir (fr)(ok, boat engineer doesn't like)
ciconia syrah/aragonez (portugal) (good/toasted)
plungerhead merlot (good)
Clos la courage cohors (malbec blend) yummy smokey taste
Tannat madiran ok
Mon vintners Pinotage that was fabulous
La terre Chardonnay (California) eh, doesnt taste like one
Edmunds St John Bone Jolly Gamay (very yummy, good label)
vina cubillo rioja (smokey, tannic, good with cheese but strong)
domaine saint jean cotes du rhone (decent, slightly dry)
fat cat moscato (don't remember, maybe ok?)
Blue fin Pinot noir (7/9/13) (boat engineer says awesome 8/10 good for cheap bottle, i say good unassuming, easy drinking)
L'argentier vieilles vignes de cinsault (fr) (7/9/13) (notes of terroir, full bodied, decent, Popsicle may have influenced the taste, boat engineer says it's ok, it's not cooking wine)
As Chas Mencia Valdeorras (sp) (i think good?!?)
veuve cliquot champagne (pretty damn yummy)
Longball Jon Lester CabernAce (ok, obviously bought for the label)
Sebastian Bobinet Greta Carbo Saumur Champigny 2011 (fr) (amazing, great terroir)
Sebastian Bobinet Du Rififi, Vin de France, Loir-et-Cher (see above)
Sebastian Bobinet Le Picatier, Auver-nat-noir, pinot noir, Auvergne (see above, but my fav of the 3)
Frederic Cossard Lasyrah de Tales (fr) (easy drinking for the amount of complexity and terroir)
Orleans Hill Cote Zero CA red table 2011 (smelled yummy, young tasting obv)
Monsieur Touton Sauvignon Bordeaux (FR 2012) (so-so, not dry enough)
Chateau Segondignac Medoc (FR 2008) (didn't keep very well, not much body)
Petit Pinotage 2011 (SA) (interesting flavor, not too chemically, nice body)
Evodia Red Table (so-so, easy drikning, but full of sulfites)
Chateau Haut Sociondo Bordeaux (FR) (smells better than tastes, ok for <$10)
Haute noelles heho le blanc (so so table white)
Stefano antonucci rosso piceno (pretty good)
Haute noelles heho le rouge (so so table red)
Vinatigo vyariego blanc (pretty bland white)
Les heretiques pays d'herault (red table white, pretty good if cheap)
Lavradores de feitoria Douro (pretty good red)
Cheateau bloun Bordeaux (would get again)
Fiorini tenuta campioli bianchello del metauro
Voille Blanche verdicchio (sparkling white, interesting but kind of weird)
Villa jolanda prosecco (drinkable but nothing special)
Don rodolfo Pinot noir (pretty good, nice flavors)
The seeker Pinot noir (very complex, leather and dark red fruit flavors)
Carlson vineyards laughing cat Riesling (sweetish, not too interesting)

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