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less than a year to get shit done

i just realized that my 101 in 1001 ends in (now) a little less than a year. 10/4/14 to be exact. i have not been able to accomplish quite a few of the goals, unfortunately. technically there are about 30 goals that required a weekly/monthly/once a year commitment that i was unable to keep. i thought that was going to be the case on some, but there are definitely ones that i didn't even remotely try to accomplish. like running weekly, riding my bike to work, sunday crosswords, cooking at home, taking baths, not drinking my face off, going to bed by 3am, calling family, sending birthday cards, blah blah blah. i don't need to name all of them because that would probably just be depressing. but now i have to decide if i want to make any effort at all to do them, or just suck it up and donate my time or money because i didn't even try. i think i'd like to reevaluate things and see if i can accomplish something more reasonable in the last year. so i'm going to say that if i can do the things for this last year that i wanted to do all along, i'm going to give myself at least partial credit. as such, i guess i AM going to list all the things, but at least it'll be behind a cut:

so these are the things i need to absolutely do for this last year. it's my last chance to actually accomplish them. i need to totally be on top of groupons/living social etc. to make this as cheap as possibly.
16 take a flamenco class once a month for a year 0/12
64 get a facial once a month for a year (0/12) 0/12

now on to those other things that i will count if i can do them for the last year (unless otherwise noted):

2 go to the beach 4 times each summer 0/4
6 go fruit picking twice a season 0/3 (i should go 3 times next year)
11 see 2 burlesque shows a year (speakeasy circus 7/13) 1/6 (if i see 5 more by next october, i will count this)
12 go to at least one concert a year 0/2 (see 2 in last year)
14 go iceskating each winter 0/2 (will count this if i go twice this winter)
19 do yoga 2 times a week for a month each year 1/24 (i will count if i do this 3 months)(started jan 16/17/20/
23 go snowboarding once a season 1/2 (12/30/13) (same as iceskating)
25 ride bike to work weekly between april and october 0/24
26 go for weekly runs between april and october 0/24 (who am i kidding, i'm not running in the winter)
27 update this list monthly 4/12 (10/23, 11/12, 12/12/13, 1/5/14, 2/9/14)
28 write in paper journal weekly 4/49
29 get back to showering every other day
30 marzibox cleaned 2 times per week 32/98
31 do laundry every other week 8/25
36 perform regular maintenance on car (jan/13)
45 give boat engineer birthday gift each year (13 fancy wine) 1/2
46 call parents at least once a month (on average) 5/12
47 send birthday cards 2/11 (dec, jan)
48 send thank you notes for all gifts received (jan)
54 regularly go to sleep by 3 am when not working
56 maintain weight between 115-125lbs
57 go to the dentist
58 get/maintain health insurance
59 get yearly physical
62 no more than 4 drinks an outing
63 get a massage twice a year 0/3 (should do 3)
65 take a relaxing bath monthly 0/12
66 buy self flowers each season 2/5
68 get fortune read once a year 1/2 (2013)
70 send one postcrossing postcard a month 25/33 (i will count if i do 33 total)
74 cook/eat 2 meals at home a week 34/98
76 do Sunday crossword monthly (11/16, 12/15, 1/5, 2/2 ) 4/12
93 find a social non-profit and volunteer twice a year 0/3 (should do 3)
94 attend 1 charity event a year (12/13/13) 1/2 (should do 2)

ok so that is actually 34 things. considering my track record, i imagine i will still be donating a mixture of 170+ hours/dollars, but at least i have something to fight towards in this last year. and an entry that is more recent to update, i guess.....

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