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alwyas pay the price for your dreams

do the thing you need to do when it needs to be done, but don't stop dreaming of what you really want.

keep talking to the universe, and it will respond.

i got offered two jobs, one people a and one with people b. i kept saying, i really want to work with people a, but i want to bartend; i don't want to serve. i can't take a step back. i need to keep progressing. people a offered me a serving gig. people b offered me a bartending gig. but maybe on the assumption that i pass their stage and make a good impression. hard to tell. then things in the universe shuffled, and i got offered the bartending gig with people a.

back story: while waiting to interview with people a, i started rereading the alchemist. i felt like i was flailing a bit and confused about the direction i should be taking. so i wanted to re-inspire myself. you know how it starts with a shepherd in the south of spain. and you know the part where the king gives him stones representing urim and thummim. that's the part i was reading while waiting to be interviewed.

another coelho line that kept running through my mind: "life has many ways of testing a person's will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once."

anyway, i had a lot of back and forth deciding on what to do (before the universe rearranged itself). i spent a lot of time telling people around me and the air in general how much i wanted to bartend. and how much i admire people a. then after the universe shuffled, i tried asking the magic 8 ball in the kitchen, and it gave me conflicting answers. clearly, my version of urim and thummim wasn't going to make the decision for me. the stones just fell out of my pocket, so to speak. in the end, i said fuck it. i'm going with the people (a) i feel good about even though it's going to be awkward with people b.

then i find out that people a are super duper excited about a product specific to the south of spain. andalusia. i'm taking that as a sign i made the correct decision. you're supposed to watch for omens, right?


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