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third time's a charm?

well, the time has come and gone on my last 101 in 1001, but considering the past few years, i don't really fault myself for not making a good dent in them. but i like having goals, so i'm gonna make another one. there will be some repeats that i didn't accomplish from last time(s), but hopefully some new ones, too. so here goesCollapse )
start: Jan 7, 2012
end: Oct 4, 2014

the day: in list form

positives about the day:
- somehow, i am still in the date auction, despite not filling out the form
- indian food
- surprise night off
- extra cuddly cat
- car extracted and moved
- some emails done

negatives about the day:
- no crafting
- no money made
- puking/poopy cat

things i'd still like to accomplish:
- a shower
- a bit of reading

everything remains the same

i'm getting that feeling again. the need to run. to abandon everyone and everything. wish i had the guts to really make a change.

political quiz results

My Political Views
I am a left social libertarian
Left: 4.52, Libertarian: 4.32

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My Foreign Policy Views
Score: -6.65

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My Culture War Stance
Score: -8.26

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oh those russians

once again, i need to focus more on my 101 goals. so here are a few things i'd like to accomplish/do in this next coming month.

- check out bleacher bar, one of the liberty hotel places or rumba (possibly on a date)
- maybe do my reading Thoreau in a boat on Walden pond thing
- hit up the beach
- get my bike tuned so i can start riding it
- change the oil in my car
- start doing some running/yoga
- finish to the lighthouse
- send out my postcrossing postcards

that seems like a decent amount of stuff, in addition to the monthly/weekly goals i should be working on (but have been remiss about) anyway.

left down here among the sons of cain

i made it out to seattle for the sox games. i wish i could have been out there for longer, but it was nice to make it at all. so i flew in friday. i had to catch a connecting flight in nyc and was afraid that i wouldn't make it on the flight to seattle since it was filled with sox fans heading out to the game. but apparently, luck was in my favor. so got picked up by buzz and his lady friend. had some stegos and then headed off to the game. it was weird because we had a whole fucking section to ourselves. stupid mariners fans not being in to baseball. it was a bummer though because the sox lost. so we went to a bar near nigel's to sing some karaoke. a guy there sang sweet caroline to us, which was pretty hilarious. kfc and buzz sang a song and got cut off. overall, fairly entertaining. after breakfast on saturday, i spent much of it recuperating. the guys played boccie and got pretty drunkles. we then bbq'd some delicious food and headed off to the game. that night was much better. we were actually around some people and the sox won. sunday was an afternoon game. everyone was pretty much exhausted from the weekend of drinking, so we were pretty tame. buzz and his gf took off after the game and i sat around with nigel and his roommate waiting for my flight, which didn't leave until 1130pm. ugh. overnight flights suck. especially when stuck in a middle seat. oh well. it was definitely worth it to go out there.

work is starting to suck more and more. i found out that they posted a listing on cl for someone new, so i think i'm on my way out regardless. while i definitely want a new job, i am a bit freaked out about looking for a one. these past couple years have just been so tough and shitty, i have lost a lot of confidence in myself. i am afraid that i have no skills and will suck at anything i do. ugh. i feel like i'm in this sort of job purgatory. i don't know what i want to do. i don't know what will make me happy. i don't know what i'm good at or can succeed in doing. and i feel like my skills are useless in anything besides sampling for contaminated groundwater. so yeah.

in some more positive parts of life, my softball team has been doing well. we won 2 of our last 3 games. it's been fun hanging out afterwards, too. it makes me happy that we have clicked and can be friends on and off the field. i guess that's a plus to scamming a lot of people from the kickball team. but it's also nice that the doctor people have integrated nicely. in semi-related news, kickball starts next weekend. i'm wondering what this new division will be like since ironsides disbanded. hopefully it's still a good mix of competition and socializing. but also, hopefully we dominate again!

things have been going pretty well with the boat engineer. we've been spending a lot of time together, which i'm not entirely sure is a good idea, but it's happening anyway. it's still in that infatuation phase where everything is fun and exciting. and so of course, i want to hang out as much as possible. we've gone to a couple sox games, he comes out to karaoke, and we've done some other random hanging out. he took me out to dinner on thursday to yankee lobster. i was craving a lobster roll and had never been there before, so we tried it out. it was fun. i'm trying not to freak out prematurely about stuff. so we'll see how long that lasts. it's just tough keeping myself from acting like i normally do. sigh.

derby party!

the derby party was this weekend. i think it turned out really well. a good group of people came over. we had some yummy food. it was a gorgeous day. my hat was awesome.

afterwards, we went out in the city and hit up dillons. we caught the end of the celtics game, which was good. i started talking to some guys sitting next to us and they wanted to do a shot to celebrate the celtics win. i told them they clearly had to do a shot of bourbon since it was derby day. they got me one, too and that was pretty much the end of me. cadillac made fun of me because apparently they guy i was talking to looks like the boat engineer. i guess marcelo is completely right about my type.

anyway, aside from the party being fun, there wasn't really a whole lot to update about it. which is probably a good thing. no crazy drama. so pretty much, i can't wait for next year!

not much else happened this weekend. cadillac and i went to waltham for some divebar karaoke. it was alright. not a whole lot of people were into it, so we got to sing multiple times, which was good, but the selection was small, so that wasn't so great. i was supposed to have softball practice today, but i was way too tired from the party, so that didn't happen. essentially, i just hung around the apartment watching the sox and bad movies.

i think tomorrow, we're going to check out the new harpoon beer at the middle east. they are having a tasting for friends, so hopefully it's worth it. i heard a few people say they weren't into it, but they are not fans of white beers, so i don't really trust their opinions. aside from that, i think i'm going to the sox game on thursday (with the boat engineer), which i'm excited about. and then our softball game isn't until friday. i had planned to go home for mother's day weekend and stay the week in colorado; then fly out to portland, stay with buzz for a few days and then head to seattle for the sox games, but i'm not entirely sure that plan is going to work. bah! but if not, then hopefully i can at least hit up seattle and then spend a few days in colorado (for my bro's bday) and then come back to boston. we'll see what the boss says.

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